Sheep and Goats

2nd Annual Sheep and Goat Sale!

October 6th, 2018 at 2:30 P.M. at Maplewood Acres Farm in Sedalia, MO. 29612 Pony Path Rd Sedalia Mo 65301. Go to Maplewood Acres for more information

We will have a excellent selection of  Boer/Kiko/Texmaster nannies and doelings, Kiko bucks and Kiko/Texmaster Bucklings. We will also have Katahdin/St.Croix/Florida Cracker ram lambs and Katahdin/St.Croix/Florida Cracker ewes and ewe lambs.
All stock are broke to electric fence and livestock guardian dogs as well as guard donkeys.

170 Ewe Lambs Born May 2018

Ram Lambs Born May 2018

30 Doelings Born May 2018

Bucks Born May 2018

4 Guardian Dog Puppies Raised with Goats and Sheep from Birth

Go to for more sale information

Our focus on our small ruminants is low input- no deworming, no foot trimming, easy keeping, pasture improving stock that benefit and enhance our cattle and land enterprise.

The Goats

Our goats are predominately Kiko and Texmaster. The goats allow us to convert a expense into an asset. On many farms today it is a common practice to mow or chemically kill rose bushes, invading tree sprouts, and other noxious weeds. Untitled design(8)However our goats readily consume these plants. In fact, the goats favorite plant is the thorny locust tree (thorns can be up to six inches in length) and they will consume it before they ever take a bite of clover. Therefore the goats allow us to convert these plants into fertilizer and meat, and they eliminate the need to chemically spray or mow our pastures. In addition, our goats provide us with endless entertainment with their gymnastics abilities. Currently we are undertaking a planned breeding program to fix several deficiencies in the goats. Those deficiencies are internal parasites and bad  hooves. Many goats today require routine hoof trimming ( a lot of work) and chemical deworming in order to thrive. Our goat breeds are known for having better parasite tolerance and better hooves than most goats. However, we are attempting to produce a goat that never needs either of these expensive and time consuming amenities. We have made good progress so far and are very hopeful that we will succeed in our goal. For more information about purchasing breeding stock see the Join The Team page.

The Sheep

sheep-1We raise hair sheep that do not require foot trimming, are parasite tolerant, and do not need to be sheared. The sheep are what we like to call our cross over species. They will readily consume brush and other weeds like the goats but they can also do well on forage like the cattle. They are also more efficient than the cattle. Untitled design(9)A ewe (female sheep) can give birth to twins and wean them in five months at a weight heavier than her own ( a 100 pound ewe can have two lambs that weigh 55 pounds each five months after birth). A good cow will wean 50% of her body weight in six months. A ewe can also give birth within a year of her own birth ( born May 2015 she can give birth May 2016). Cattle give birth two years after they are born. For these reasons the sheep are the fastest growing livestock enterprise on the farm. See our Join The Team page for more information about purchasing sheep from us.