Laying Hens

chickens-1Our range pastured hens get to breathe fresh, clean air and enjoy plenty of sunlight daily, only spending nights in their egg mobile. Each day their diet consists of a super nutrient rich intake of a diverse diet of forage, bugs, seeds and grains. This diet is not only incredibly healthy for them, but is transferred to their eggs for your family to enjoy. The hens are moved routinely in their egg mobile to graze in the fields after the cows sanitizing, debugging, and fertilizing the fields along the way- a job they simply love to do.

You may ask, “what does this diverse diet and increased plane of nutrition do for the quality of their eggs?”. Our hens transfer all these extra nutrients from the pasture into their eggs. A nutritive density test done on Joel Salatin’s Polyface Farm (a farm with the same management style that we practice) showed that pastured eggs are extremely nutrient dense. They had:

7X more Vitamin E
1.5x More Vitamin A
7.5x More Beta Carotene
217X More Folate
21X More omega-3
30% less cholesterol
25x less saturated fat

Compared to the USDA standard egg. Want to nourish your family with these incredible eggs? Check out our Products page to order.