Join The Team

We want you to be a part Boatright Farm’s passion for land healing and sustainable food production. Whether you are a land owner, a livestock producer, interested in low maintenance beef, sheep, and goat genetics, or just wanting to secure healthy food for your family, you can be a part of Boatright Farms.


Right now we are accepting applications for internships. If you are interested in learning sustainable farming methods, rotational grazing, cover crops, fencing, direct to consumer sales, livestock handling and genetics, and you are passionate about healing the land, working hard and making a difference this internship is for you. For more information about this opportunity email us at

Food Sales

Boatright Farms produces quality grass fed beef, lamb and goat as well as pastured eggs. Our animals spend their entire lives on good pasture and enjoy an extremely high quality of life. See our Meet the Animals Page to learn more or see our Products Page to order.

Land Owners

If you desire to see your property managed in a way that restores the health and vitality of the land, increases wildlife numbers, and sustainably produces food, please contact us about leasing or consulting on your existing operation. We have partnered with several landowners in a variety of ways from leasing the property to payed livestock management to ensure that everyone is pleased with the arrangement.

Livestock Owners

We at Boatright Farms provide a variety of custom grazing services. Our goal is to manage your livestock with the same care and oversight as our own. Depending on the class, number, and type of livestock we can provide care for two months to two years. Give us a call today to check out our rates and see what option is best for you.

Livestock Sales

We are committed to raising high quality, low maintenance cattle, sheep, and goats. We sell breeding stock and enjoy working with our clients to ensure they get the right species for their operation. We sell parasite tolerant hair sheep along with Kiko goat breeding females and males as weanlings in October. We also sell bred females in March. In addition, we sell Red Angus and Polled Hereford breeding stock in partnership with Maplewood Acres Farm. Contact us for pricing and availability.