Meet the Family

David and Mariah BoatrightUntitled design

My wife (Mariah) and I currently run Boatright farms. However, our operation is unique in that we do not own any of the farms we manage. Instead we are caretakers of other people’s farms and often of other people’s livestock as well. This allows us to pursue our passion for agriculture and land restoration while avoiding the high start up costs of traditional agriculture.


I was raised on my parent’s (Matt and Jennifer Boatright)  pasture based farm just east of Sedalia, Mo. Growing up on a farm I  learned the value of hard work, perseverance, and life. I also gained a passion for animal agriculture and land management that has greatly shaped the direction and vision of Boatright Farms. I manage the day to day activities of the farm such as animal rotations and portable fencing design.


I grew up on my parent’s (Terry and Jacinda Wassam) farm in Syracuse, Mo. There we raised meat chickens and a small herd of beef cattle. Having experienced the benefits of growing up on a farm I was sure that I wanted to raise my future family on a farm. My current role is what David likes to call the smiling face of the farm. In addition to marketing work and outreach, I also take care of much of the background work on the farm.