Useful Egg Facts

Eggs Don’t Have To Be Refrigerated. What???? That is correct as long as the egg has not been washed. The United States, Scandinavia (region), Japan, and Australia are the only places where eggs are washed or refrigerated. The rest of the world as a whole does neither. The key is the word “unwashed.” When a chicken lays an egg it comes with a natural coating called “bloom” that keeps the egg from being porous (air/water doesn’t move out and bacteria doesn’t move in). Of course unwashed also means the eggs must be impeccably clean otherwise they need a good washing.So what is the advantage of refrigeration? If eggs are washed they need to be refrigerated to protect them from bacteria. If the eggs are unwashed, refrigeration just preserves them longer. See the end of this post for a link to an article in which unwashed eggs were still “good” after 7 months in the refrigerator.However, unwashed eggs can still be stored for several weeks at room temperature without ill effect. Want to really save shelf space in your refrigerator or just stock up on a month’s worth of eggs??? You can purchase clean unwashed eggs from us. Just ask for them when you order.

Egg Test. So maybe you have a dozen store bought eggs that have been chilling since Spring break, or maybe you tried the counter storage method with our unwashed eggs and just want to make sure they are still good. Who wants to crack them to find out? Well there is a very easy way to test if an egg is still good. Simply fill a container with cold water and place an egg inside. If the egg sinks to the bottom and lays on its side it is at peak freshness. If the egg sinks but stands on end it is older but still good. If an egg floats it is not safe to eat and should be discarded. When open storing eggs or using older eggs from the refrigerator it is always a good idea to crack eggs open individually in a separate container. If they stink pitch them.

Easy Egg Cleanup. Ever dropped an egg and been more than slightly frustrated at the difficulty (and mess) of cleaning it up. It seems that the delightful hearty egg white is determined to slip back out of even the most absorbent paper towels and the dark yellow yolk (of our pastured eggs) simply contents itself in leaving a dark smear across the floor and the wet towel. The solution, pour salt over the dropped egg. It will dry it out and greatly improve the ease of cleanup. So next time one of your precious hen fruits goes skydiving just smile and reach for the salt shaker.

Yolk Color Is Determined by Diet. This is why our eggs have darker yolks. Our hens enjoy a diverse diet of bugs, pasture (think salad bar), and Non-GMO grain.  Because our hens enjoy such a nutrient rich diet they pass more of those nutrients on into their eggs creating rich dark yolks. This also explains why some of our eggs have exceptionally dark yolks; those hens spent their time hunting bugs and foraging instead of hanging around the feed pan all day. This also explains why conventional store bought eggs have such pale yolks; those hens have access to only GMO grain (not exactly a recipe for nutrient dense eggs).img_20161029_064907346

Learn More. Want to learn more about our hens and nutrient dense eggs? Check out our Laying Hens page or order a delightful dozen Here.

Fun fact check out this article that details storing unwashed eggs for 7 months on the counter as well as a few other non traditional egg storage methods.


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